septiembre 22, 2010

go kelly go ... 10 !

THE king is dead, long live the king. Kelly Slater's 2010 rebirth continued as he defeated Bede Durbidge at epic Trestles. So many words have been written about Kelly Slater the competitive monster. He has the strategy, the crowd love him, the rest of the surfers are still scared of him (some don't like him apparently) and he can also moan like a true champ but he is that, a champ, the consummate champ.

If he wins 10 world titles he deserves it and how can you begrudge him? The man is an incredible surfer and an ambassador for surfing dwarfing everyone else. In accepting the $105,000 winner's cheque he exclaimed, "I'd allow 105,000 people to punch me in the face to surf those waves." The man loves surfing.

And that was the rub, the wave starred, anyone can surf Trestles which is why hundreds try every day and for the last two days it has been completely epic with perfect sets pouring over the cobbles, pushing and demanding that the new top 34 to go big or go home. Dane Reynolds, Owen Wright, Jordy Smith, Kelly, Taj, Mick etc.. a list encompassing all the surfers turned it up to 11, reaching a new competitive level.

They all kept thanking Hurley for the valet parking, and as we all know valets are crucial to a ripping surf, I mean who parks their own car any more?
He knows title 10 is on this year ... the chasing peloton need to get organised or just crown him now.
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